Amista Baker

Lucas D'Angelo (Captain)

Carpenter & Fabricator

I am a carpenter and fabricator based out of Eastern MA and love to work with both wood and metal. I am also a vintage machinery enthusiast and really enjoy the process of restoring/rebuilding antique tools and machinery. Whether it's trimming out a room or machining replacement parts for a restoration, I'm always up for a challenge and love problem solving.  
Amanda Brown

Chris Milton (Captain)

Red Seal Carpenter

I'm a Jack of all trades, master of one. No matter the size of project, I will tackle them all. It’s the oddly satisfying things that get us all in a daze, and you can see that throughout my content along with new and unique tools. I'm a loving husband to Ashley and a father to my beautiful daughter Ivy. I want you all to remember: mistakes are just another word for EXPERIENCE and confidence is key. 

Andy Hopke (Captain)

Carpenter & General Contractor 

I’ve been in the trades for 20+ years, from full custom homes to small repairs. Anything that I can work on with my hands is satisfying to me. 
Carla Peicheff

Ethan Abramson (Captain)

Furniture Company Owner

Furniture company owner, wood shop adventurer, content creator, event host. Sometimes one sometimes all, I blend the professional world of woodworking with the lighter side of workshop exploration to open up the age old craft of building to everyone who is interested. 
Cindy Straub

Andrew King

Commercial Building Engineer

As a building engineer you'll find me bouncing across several job fields. I may be doing plumbing repairs today and drywall, electrical or painting tomorrow. Outside of work I am a hobbyist woodworker and a tool reviewer. I love spending time with my kids, a steady flow of caffeine and watching baseball. 
Felie Hempfling

Micah Supanchick

Remodeler & Carpenter

With remodeling, I do a little bit of everything. I love doing finish work and really seeing a project come together. As a kid I was always learning from my woodworking dad. I really enjoy taking something from start to finish.
Jessica Lawson

Steven Clyde

Furniture Maker

I am a maker of modern fine furniture with a classy touch. I also enjoy making signs and letting my employee (CNC) do some heavy lifting. I'm just a small town guy who loves to create!
Pat Sloan

Damien Webb

Theatre Production Artist & Modelmaker

Having a broad range of skills, I am somewhat of a professional generalist. By day, I work as a prop fabricator, stage carpenter, production designer, and maker of all things big and/or tiny. I'm a well-established modelmaker and visual artist with work in both public galleries and private collections all over the world.
Randa Roberts

Jacob Garrett

"Jake" of All Trades

My day to day is all over the spectrum. I can go from running wire in an attic to trimming excess filament from a 3D print. I love working on cars, woodworking, metal fabrication, and getting to use my hands and mind whenever a project falls in my lap. So, whether it’s trimming edge banding and veneers or cutting sheathing off of wire, I am right at home in just about any shop.
Sara Gozzo

Aron Jones

Site Supervisor, Lead Carpenter & Mentor

I’m a Red Seal carpenter. I have been in the trade full time since 1999. Prior to that I spent some time in the Canadian Armed Forces. I’ve been fortunate to experience all aspects of the trade, residential, commercial, and industrial. I enjoy new footing to finish builds, and the challenge of renovating an old house. Truly enjoy what I do, and I am fortunate to be able to mentor and teach the next generation. I’m a huge advocate for the up and coming apprentice.
Scott Hansen

Desmond Tse

Siding Installer

As a self taught siding installer who works alone, I am constantly seeking ways to make every task a bit more efficient. I'm not afraid to think outside the box and try new ways of doing things. Fun fact: the oldest tool in my daily carry is a 25mm Olfa knife that was given to me by an OLFA rep over 15 years ago.

Michael Osornio

Residential House Painter

I have put in 9 years of hard work to get to where I am now in the painting industry. I paint every project as if it were my own – and with a passion. Life is what we make of it. It's more than just painting, it's about life and every aspect of it. Day by day I continue to learn, empower and leave my mark. I've been using the same LA-X Utility Knife since I started as an apprentice. I have to say, OLFA is one of a kind. 

Ryan Wingfield


I am an electrician by trade, and I also have many years of experience trying my hand at other trades and work. OLFA knives have been part of my life for over 25 years and continue to be the standard from great box cutters to stripping cables on large solar powered renewable energy sites. My dad introduced me to OLFA when I was a young boy and the brand continues to be a staple in my work. 

Scott Couch

Woodworker & Content Creator

Being able to take wood and form it into something beautiful and functional is such a fun and rewarding adventure. I enjoy it so much I try to take people along for the journey!

Mike Shu


Mike Shu is a professional carpenter who's been framing since he was 17. He started in custom homes and eventually made his rounds to production framing for about 4 years, then returned back to custom homes, renovations and structural framing. Along the way he's gotten his hands “ clean “ by doing more and more trim carpentry. He now does both and loves it all!